BeCREO kit

Educational construction kit with a microcontroller

BeCREO kit is an interdisciplinary teaching aid developed in Poland: an innovative construction kit for students and a great tool to support the teacher in tutoring the basics of mechatronics and programming.


The optimal solution with its own application based on the step-by-step course formula.

Modules and accessories

Modules and accessories adapted for educational purposes.


Thought-through methodological approach.


Practical organizer box.


Created to inspire

The construction set with a microcontroller, sensors, and accessories allows the implementation of general education core curriculum in the field of learning programming and computational thinking, as well as constructing technical models following the STEAM education approach.

BeCREO kit allows you to work by the project method and to carry out activities enhanced by the possibilities of 3D printing. It also enables students to create and test their own prototype solutions.

The set is distinguished by high-quality design project boards, specially adapted electronics, online print materials, and safe, regularly updated educational software.


Teaching through experience

Working with BeCREO kit creates an environment for in-class experimenting, analysis, and problem-solving of issues that students encounter in their everyday life.


Use the models developed by students to run experiments during various school subject classes.

Original app with built-in programming course

The original BeCREO kit application adopts the course formula to teach project construction, visual (block-style), and text (C ++) programming in the Arduino environment. Step by step, the app guides students through the design process and supports the teacher's work without requiring many hours of preparation. Designed so that every teacher and student – beginner or advanced – can quickly start their adventure with mechatronics, construction, and programming!

The software is an integral, indefinite part of the set and does not require additional fees. The installable software enables students to acquire knowledge and skills in four modes.

In this mode, the students learn how the included electronics work, as well as how to connect and program them.


Lesson mode contains 23 lessons of programming and mechatronics course, where students combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills. They construct and then program their own working models, which can be successfully used in IT, technical and science classes, the school biological or physical laboratory, as well as other interdisciplinary activities.


Students test the acquired knowledge in practice by constructing working technical models, including Smart Home, Smart City, Weather Station, Traffic Light, and many others. It is a practical knowledge and skills training gained throughout the course.


In Free Mode, students have the opportunity to use all the elements and functions of the set, showing creativity that is limited only by their imagination.

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno microcontroller in BeCREO kit

In order to be able to pursue passions, create simple or advanced technical projects and use the acquired knowledge in the field of programming, robotics and mechatronics, an advanced microcontroller is necessary to "understand" the program and transmit coded commands to numerous modules connected to the system.

ARDUINO – the heart of BeCREO kit

The heart of the BeCREO kit is the ARDUINO open educational ecosystem, which offers almost unlimited possibilities for creative algorithmic and interdisciplinary projects within the STEAM methodology.


BeCREO kit in 6 steps

The BeCREO kit works in six simple steps ...

1. Select a scenario

Choose one of the available scenarios that you want to implement.

2. Connect the modules

Use the wire to connect the modules to the Arduino Uno board to build a system that solves the given task.

3. Put the project board for the chosen scenario

Then put the project board for the selected scenario on the work area (construction base).

4. Arrange the program using the blocks

Create a program that will allow you to control the connected modules.

5. Send the program to the board

The next step is to send the program to the Arduino Uno and run it.

6. See how it works

Check if the system you have built is working. Have fun!

Elements of the BeCREO kit

All modules available in the construction kit correspond with carefully planned educational goals and allow students to achieve the expected results!

Electronic modules and sensors
  • ⦁ Original Arduino Uno microcontroller
  • ⦁ Original expansion cap: Shield with OLED display
  • ⦁ Analog and digital connectors
  • ⦁ LED lights: red, green, yellow
  • ⦁ Buzzer (speaker)
  • ⦁ Light sensor
  • ⦁ SHARP® distance sensor with analog output and 5-25 cm measuring range
  • ⦁ Temperature sensor
  • ⦁ Tact switch buttons
  • ⦁ Joystick
  • ⦁ Rotation sensor with knob / potentiometer
  • ⦁ Micro servo with a module with its own voltage stabilizer.
  • ⦁ Construction base (work area)
  • ⦁ 12 plastic holders for attaching sensors and connecting modules with the board as well as with LEGO® bricks
  • ⦁ USB cable to connect the board to the computer
  • ⦁ A set of 10 wires in two color sets for connecting electronic modules with the BeCREO kit overlay/extension
  • ⦁ AA battery adapter
  • ⦁ Cardboard box with a plastic organizer for storing all elements of the construction kit
Materials for students:
  • ⦁ BeCREO kit desktop application in step-by-step course formula
  • ⦁ BeCREO kit Wiki - "how to" platform with detailed instructions
  • ⦁ 3D printing materials
  • ⦁ Lesson scenarios
  • YouTube video tutorials playlist

Unlimited educational opportunities

The BeCREO kit was created to work within the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) approach, which combines knowledge and experience from various areas and subjects in educational activities.

Teaching scenarios and implementing projects included in the BeCREO kit allows you to integrate students’ knowledge and skills from many disciplines of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art. It is also conducive to teamwork, the development of cooperation, communication, and project work skills.


A teacher-tested solution

Read what teachers and educators say about BeCREO kit.

Download the BeCREO kit app

A Windows 7/8/10/11 device (2 in 1, laptop or PC) is required.

Download for Windows

Current version: v1.37

Download archival versions.

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